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PuntacanaTrippers's Cancellation Insurance FAQ
What is PuntacanaTrippers's Cancellation Insurance?
PuntacanaTrippers's Cancellation Insurance is a benefit that PuntacanaTrippers offers to clients who book airport transfers after June 1st 2011. Its main objective is to cover all fees and expenses associated with the cancellation of your bookings, in the event that you are unable to travel. Groups of more than 25 people are not eligible for Cancellation Insurance.

How can I get PuntacanaTrippers´s Cancellation Insurance?
You can get PuntacanaTrippers´s Cancellation Insurance only at the time of booking. You will not be able to get it after you paid for your booking.

What are the benefits of PuntacanaTrippers´s Cancellation Insurance?
The main benefits of PuntacanaTrippers´s Cancellation Insurance are:
• You will not have to pay cancellation fees or lost all the money you paid if for any reason you need to cancel your booking any time prior to arrival in Dominican Republic
• You will be covered if you need to cancel your trip for any reason (disease, flight problems, change of travel plans, etc.).

What is covered by PuntacanaTrippers´s Cancellation Insurance?
All cancellation fees and expenses are covered by PuntacanaTrippers´s Cancellation Insurance. Groups of more than 25 people are not eligible for Cancellation Insurance.

How much does the Cancellation Insurance cost?
The Insurance cost is calculated as a percentage of your reservation amount plus the risk factor associated with the service you are booking. At the time of booking the system will display the exact amount and add the value to your reservation total.

Is PuntacanaTrippers´s Cancellation Insurance mandatory?
No, at the time of booking the system will let you choose if you want to include a Cancellation Insurance or not.

What is a Cancellation Code?
A Cancellation Code is issued by PuntacanaTrippers´s system after your booking and it will appear on your voucher, It proves that your booking is cover. You must obtain a Cancellation Code in order to be covered by your Cancellation Insurance.

How do I cancel my booking?
You may cancel your booking with any one of the following procedures:
• Call to our contact telephones or email us and request the cancellation.
You can cancel your booking at any time before the arrival or departure date.

Do I have to contact PuntacanaTrippers if I need to cancel my reservation?
Yes, you must contact PuntacanaTrippers if you want to cancel your booking

What is the cancellation cost if I decide not to include PuntacanaTrippers´s Insurance in my booking?
If you decide not to subscribe to PuntacanaTrippers´s Cancellation Insurance and you cancel your booking, the reservation value paid won’t be refunded in case of partial or total cancellation and no-show if you cancel your booking prior to arrival or departure to or from Dominican Republic.

Does PuntacanaTrippers´s Cancellation Insurance cover changes in dates and partial cancellations?
Yes, changes in dates, flights schedules, are covered in PuntacanaTrippers´s Cancellation Insurance.

What is the deadline to cancel my booking and be covered by PuntacanaTrippers´s Cancellation Insurance?
PuntacanaTrippers´s Cancellation Insurance will cover your cancellation any time before the arrival or departure date from Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 6:00 p.m.

Can I cancel my Cancellation Insurance and get a refund?
NO, Cancellation Insurance is not refundable.